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Here is a list of all courses at Stern for which we have reviews.

1Leadership in OrganizationsCOR1-GB.1302  (47 reviews)
2Statistics and Data AnalysisCOR1-GB.1305  (54 reviews)
3Financial Accounting and ReportingCOR1-GB.1306  (42 reviews)
4Strategy ICOR1-GB.2103  (32 reviews)
5Strategy IICOR1-GB.2104  (26 reviews)
6MarketingCOR1-GB.2310  (23 reviews)
7Business CommunicationMCOM-GB.2105  (20 reviews)
8Operations ManagementCOR1-GB.2314  (24 reviews)
9Foundations of FinanceCOR1-GB.2311  (22 reviews)
10Corporate FinanceFINC-GB.2302  (17 reviews)
11Collaboration, Conflict, and NegotiationMGMT-GB.2159/MGMT-GB.6259  (14 reviews)
12The Global EconomyCOR1-GB.2303  (15 reviews)
13Firms and MarketsCOR1-GB.1303  (14 reviews)
14Managing the Growing CompanyMGMT-GB.2327  (13 reviews)
15Foundations of EntrepreneurshipMGMT-GB.3335  (8 reviews)
16Advanced Strategy: ToolsMGMT-GB.2375  (7 reviews)
17Consumer BehaviorMKTG-GB.2347  (6 reviews)
18ValuationFINC-GB.3331  (6 reviews)
19An Integrated Approach to Financial Statement AnalysisACCT-GB.2303  (8 reviews)
20Power and Politics in OrganizationsMGMT-GB.3366  (6 reviews)
21Data Mining for Business AnalyticsINFO-GB.3336  (5 reviews)
22Decision Models and AnalyticsOPMG-GB.2350  (5 reviews)
23Data Driven Decision Making: ManagerialMKTG-GB.2344  (4 reviews)
24Brand StrategyMKTG-GB.2365  (4 reviews)
25Real Estate Development and EntrepreneurshipOPMG-GB.2360  (4 reviews)
26Consultative SellingMKTG-GB.2128  (4 reviews)
27Marketing Planning & StrategyMKTG-GB.2350  (4 reviews)
28CreativityMKTG-GB.2381  (3 reviews)
29Tech Product ManagementMKTG-GB.2191  (4 reviews)
30Professional ResponsibilityCOR2-GB.3101  (5 reviews)
31Programming in Python and Fundamentals of Software DevelopmentINFO-GB.2335  (3 reviews)
32Entrepreneurial FinanceFINC-GB.3361  (3 reviews)
33Leadership ModelsMGMT-GB.2363  (3 reviews)
34Case Studies in Bankruptcy & ReorganizationFINC-GB.3199  (3 reviews)
35Operations in Panama: A Man, a Plan, a Canal: PanamaOPMG-GB.2312  (2 reviews)
36VolatilityFINC-GB. 3105  (2 reviews)
37Investment BankingFINC-GB.2334  (2 reviews)
38Forensic Accounting and Financial Statement FraudACCT-GB.3310  (2 reviews)
39Digital Media InnovationMKTG-GB.2325  (2 reviews)
40Mergers and Acquisitions (Finance)FINC-GB.3196  (4 reviews)
41Cases in Corporate FinanceFINC-GB.3161  (2 reviews)
42Social Media and Digital Marketing AnalyticsINFO-GB.3310  (2 reviews)
43Globalization, Open Innovation, and Crowdsourcing: New Ways of OrganizingINFO-GB.3355  (2 reviews)
44Predicting the Future of TechnologyMKTG-GB.2192  (2 reviews)
45Strategic DesignMGMT-GB.2370  (2 reviews)
46Strategy in Technology Intensive IndustriesMKTG-GB.3152  (2 reviews)
47Digital StrategyINFO-GB.2318  (2 reviews)
48Behavioral Economics: Decisions and StrategiesECON-GB.2355  (2 reviews)
49PricingMKTG-GB.2353  (2 reviews)
50Economics and Management of the PharmaceuticalECON-GB.2112  (2 reviews)
51Firms and MarketsCOR1-GB.1303  (2 reviews)
52Managing ChangeMGMT-GB.2353  (2 reviews)
53The Economy & Financial MarketsECON-GB.2344  (2 reviews)
54Real Estate TransactionsBSPA-GB.2300  (1 review)
55Sports EconomicsECON-GB.2360  (1 review)
56Tech and the CityINFO-GB.2345  (1 review)
57Private Equity FinanceFINC-GB.3365  (1 review)
58Venture Capital FinancingFINC-GB.3173  (1 review)
59Emerging Financial MarketsFINC-GB.3384  (1 review)
60Asian EconomiesECON-GB.2322  (1 review)
61Business Law for ManagersBSPA-GB.2314  (1 review)
62Competitive Marketing StrategyMKTG-GB.2351  (1 review)
63Behaviorial and Experimental FinanceFINC-GB.3129  (1 review)
64StrategyCOR1-GB.2301  (1 review)
65Innovation and DesignMKTG-GB.2371  (1 review)
66Debt Instruments and MarketsFINC-GB.3333  (1 review)
67International Finance - International Investments AnalysisFINC-GB.3103  (1 review)
68Consulting Practice: Processes & Problem-SolvingMGMT-GB.3105  (1 review)
69Global Economic Trends and Policy ChallengesECON-GB.2358  (1 review)
70Business Development in Media and EntertainmentFINC-GB.3128  (1 review)
71 Digital Currency, Blockchains, and the Future of the Financial Services IndustryFINC-GB.3324  (1 review)
72DBi China (Shanghai)DBIN-GB.3316.0A  (1 review)
73Advanced Strategic AnalysisMGMT-GB.3328  (1 review)
74Sales ManagementMKTG-GB.2129  (1 review)
75Futures and OptionsFINC-GB.3335  (1 review)
76Research for Customer InsightsMKTG-GB.2327  (1 review)
77Deal Making and Business Development in MediaMKTG-GB.2123  (1 review)
78Communicating the Bottom Line: Persuasion Strategies for Finance ProfessionalsMCOM-GB.2103  (1 review)
79Project Finance and Infrastructure InvestmentFINC-GB.3186  (1 review)
80Risk Management SystemsINFO-GB.3351  (1 review)
81Business Drivers - IndustryINTA-GB.2306  (1 review)
82Real Estate Primary MarketsFINC-GB.2329  (1 review)
83New Media in MarketingMKTG-GB.2173  (2 reviews)
84Global Banking and Capital MarketsFINC-GB.3387  (1 review)
85Data VisualizationINFO-GB.3306  (1 review)
86Communication for ConsultantsMCOM-GB.3311  (1 review)
87DBi IsraelDBIN-GB.3314  (1 review)
88Advanced Topics in NegotiationMGMT-GB.2160  (1 review)
89Moneyball for Managers: Strategizing in a Complex WorldMGMT-GB.3140  (1 review)
90Technology Innovation StrategyMGMT-GB.3155  (1 review)
91Digital DisruptionMKTG-GB.2124  (1 review)
92Managerial Decision MakingMGMT-GB.3151  (1 review)
93Investment Banking and Private Equity in Media and Entertainment FinanceFINC-GB.3145  (1 review)

Here is a list of courses at Stern for which we do not yet have reviews.

A Winning Investor Relations Strategy (ACCT-GB. 3110)
Accounting for Financial Instruments (ACCT-GB.6317)
Accounting for Mergers, Acquisitions and Related Matters (ACCT-GB.3330)
Accounting Preparation (NOCR-GB.1001)
Advanced Accounting Concepts (ACCT-GB.6326)
Advanced Futures and Options (FINC-GB.3340)
Advanced Global Perspectives on Enterprise Systems (ECON-GB.2195)
Advanced Luxury Marketing (MKTG-GB.2127)
Advanced Macroeconomics (ECON-GB.2332)
Advanced Managerial Accounting (ACCT-GB.6331)
Alternative Investments I: Principles and Strategies (FINC-GB.2350)
Alternative Investments II: Practice and Application (FINC-GB.2351)
Analysis of Financial Institutions and Financial Instruments (ACCT-GB.3321)
Analytics for Marketing Investment and Accountability (MKTG-GB.3153)
Applied Stochastic Processes for Financial Models (STAT-GB.2308)
Auditing (ACCT-GB.3313 / ACCT-GB.6313)
Behavioral Finance (FINC-GB.3329)
Business of Sustainability (MGMT-GB.2178)
Business Process Design & Implementation (INFO-GB.3356)
Business Writing (NOCR-GB.2099)
China Business, Society, and Foreign Relations (ECON-GB.2123)
Comparative Business Systems: From the Industrial Revolution to the Modern Global Economy (ECON-GB.2338)
Corporate Political Engagement (INTA-GB. 2356)
Corporate Strategy and Finance in Entertainment and Media (FINC-GB.3125)
Corporate Turnarounds and Leadership (INTA-GB.3362)
Credit Ratings and Fixed-Income Credit Analysis (ACCT-GB.3108)
Crisis Communication (MCOM-GB.2121)
Cuba: Sanctions, Reform, Opportunities (BSPA-GB.2313)
Data Driven Decision Making: Technical (MKTG-GB.2354)
DBi Argentina (DBIN-GB.3303)
DBi Asia (Singapore) (DBIN-GB.3309)
DBi Australia (Sydney) (DBIN-GB.3315)
DBi Brazil (DBIN-GB.3311)
DBi China (Beijing) (DBIN-GB.3305)
DBi China (Hong Kong) (DBIN-GB.3307)
DBi Colombia & Latin America (DBINGB. 3119)
DBi Costa Rica (DBIN-GB.3110)
DBi Istanbul: the Economic, Political and Cultural Crossroads of the World (DBIN-GB.3312)
DBi Italy (Luxury Retail & Branding) (DBIN-GB.3111)
DBi Morocco & North Africa (DBIN-GB.3118)
DBi Poland and Eastern Europe (DBIN-GB.3116)
DBi Spain & The European Union (DBIN-GB.3117)
Development of Financial Institutions and Markets (ECON-GB.2392)
Digital Marketing (INTA-GB.3340)
Economic and Business History of the United States (ECON-GB.2330)
Economics of Healthcare (ECON-GB.2110)
Emerging Technology and Business Innovation (INFO-GB.3362)
Energy & the Environment (ECON-GB.2105)
Engage Your Audience (MCOM-GB.2129)
Entertainment Accounting (ACCT-GB.3149)
Entertainment Law (BSPA-GB.2120)
Entrepreneurship and New Economy (INTA-GB.2121)
Ethical & Legal Challenges (BSPA-GB.3101)
Evolution, Human Nature, and Business (INTA-GB.2170)
Fashion Law and Business (INTA-GB.3344)
Financial Analysis-Entertainment and Media (FINC-GB.3126)
Financial Crisis and the Policy Response (ECON-GB.2343)
Financial Information Systems (INFO-GB.3350)
Financial Modeling & Analysis (ACCT-GB.6300)
Financial Reporting and Analysis (ACCT-GB.6302)
Financial Statement Modeling (ACCT-GB.6200)
Fintech Risk Management (INTA-GB.2312.30)
Foreign Investment: Law and Policy Seminar (FINC-GB.2230)
Foundations in Corporate Finance (COR1-GB.2302)
Foundations of Fintech (INTA-GB.2380)
Frequency Domain Time Series (STAT-GB.3383)
Game Theory (MGMT-GB.3323)
Global Financial Markets (FINC-GB.3388)
Global Marketing Strategy (MKTG-GB.2385)
Global Markets, Human Rights and the Press (BSPA-GB.3105)
Global Social Impact Strategies (MGMT-GB.2366)
Global Value Investing (FINC-GB.3182)
Global Wealth Management and Private Banking (FINC-GB.3357)
Globalization: A Cross-Functional Perspective (MGMT-GB.2185)
Governance of Public/Private Sectors (INTA-GB.3125)
Growth in the Developing World and the Global Economy (ECON-GB.2346)
Inclusive Leadership (MGMT-GB.2100)
Internal Controls and Accounting Information Systems (ACCT-GB.6215)
International Macroeconomics- Policy, Theory & Evidence (ECON-GB.2380)
Intro to Data Science for Business Analytics (INFO-GB.2336)
Introduction to Stochastic Processes (STAT-GB.3321)
Introduction to the Theory of Probability (STAT-GB.3301)
Investing for Environmental and Social Impact (FINC-GB.3348)
Investment Strategies (FINC-GB.3122)
Judgement and Decision Making (MGMT-GB.6251)
Judgment and Decision Making (MKTG-GB.2335)
Law & Economics of Municipal Governance (ECON-GB. 3182)
Law & Business of Microfinance: Lessons for Impact Investment (FINC-GB.3154)
Law & Business Regulation (BSPA-GB.2128)
Law and Business of Bankruptcy and Reorganization (FINC-GB.3399)
Law and Business of Social Enterprise (BSPA-GB.2140)
Law and Management of Financial Services Businesses (FINC-GB.3353)
Luxury Launch (MKTG-GB.2136)
Management Communication (MCOM-GB.2100)
Managing Financial Businesses (FINC-GB.2310)
Managing High Performing Teams (MGMT-GB.2351)
Marketing of Hi-Tech Products (MKTG-GB.2190)
Math Preparation (NOCR-GB.1002)
Mergers and Acquisitions (Strategy) (MGMT-GB.3319)
Mobile for Managers (MKTG-GB.2151)
Monetary Policy, Banks, and Central Banks (ECON-GB.2333)
Money and Modern Capitalism: Law and Business (ECON-GB.3345)
Moral Courage and Your Purpose (INTA-GB.2111)
New Products (Formerly: New Product Development) (MKTG-GB.2370)
Operating Hedge Funds (FINC-GB.3366)
Operations in Entertainment: Las Vegas (OPMG-GB.2313)
Political Risk Analysis (INTA-GB.2114)
Portfolio Management (FINC-GB.3332)
Power and Professional Influence (MGMT-GB.3165)
Pricing Strategy (MKTG-GB.2153/MKTG-GB.2353)
Private Banking and Wealth Management (FINC-GB.3120)
Promotional Marketing (MKTG-GB.2152)
Retail Management (MKTG-GB.2375)
Revenue Management and Pricing (OPMG-GB.3330)
Risk Management in Financial Institutions (1.5 credits) (FINC-GB.3112)
Service Operations and Strategy (OPMG-GB.3357)
Social Entrepreneurship in Sustainable Food Business (BSPA-GB.2306)
Social Media (Formerly: Social Media for Brand Managers) (MKTG-GB.2150)
Social Problem-Based Entrepreneurship (INTA-GB.3337)
Social Venture Capital (FINC-GB.3148)
Strategic Talent Management (MGMT-GB.2383)
Structure and Dynamics of Financial Markets (FINC-GB.3149)
Taxes and Business Strategy (ACCT-GB.2305)
Taxes and Investing (FINC-GB.2110)
The Business of Social and Other Networks (ECON-GB.2345)
The Craft and Commerce of Cinema: Cannes Film Festival (MKTG-GB.2313)
The Law and Business of Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies (FINC-GB.2134)
The Project (INTA-GB.3360)
Top 10 Trends in Social Innovation (BSPA-GB.3122)
Topics in Hedge Fund Strategies (FINC-GB.3121)
Topics: Advanced Communication in Accounting (MCOM-GB.6205)
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